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About Me

My name is Konrad Politanski and this is my portfolio website.
I am a freelance audio engineer and sound designer based in Vienna, Austria.
My work consists of recording, mixing, mastering, and editing sound, as well as creating new and interesting soundscapes.
I studied and obtained a bachelor of arts degree in musicology at the University of Vienna and additionally have a diploma in audio engineering.

Below you can find a range of projects I have been working on, from music, to film and radio plays or podcasts.


podcasts, workshops


audio work for film/shortfilm


live audio for television shows

Music & Art

music and band projects

Audiobook & Radio Play

work for audiobooks and radio plays


My work on Podcasts and Workshops

Digital Resistance Project

During the ‘Digital Resistance Project’, by the University of Vienna, funded by the European Commission and the Council of Europe, I assisted students in creating a podcast on the topic of fake news.

Media Literacy Award 2019, category media didactics


Mixing, Sound Design, Music, Recording

for the KUNSTHALLE Wien Museum Podcast

How to create Future Memories

During the dot dot dot Filmfestival 2021

Podcast Project and Experiment on sci-fi world building techniques in a collaborative group setting

Collaboration with Michael Simku

Recording, Mixing, Sound Design, Editing, Music

Es war einmal | Märchen-Podcast

Sound Design, Music 

for the Podcast “Es war einmal | Märchen-Podcast” by BAfEP De La Salle Schule, Vienna



My audio work on film


God of the Labyrinth

(2016) shortfilm: „God of the Labyrinth“
Sound, mixing, sounddesign, recording, music, acting

Best Experimental Film, Austrian American Shortfilmfestival 2017 

False Memories

(2018) shortfilm: “False Memories“
Sounddesign & Music

Shown at Diagonale 2019

Link to MUBI


(2016) shortfilm „Mari-Anna“
Sound, mixing, sounddesign, music

Award at Amateur shortfilmfestival KLAPS in Bydgoszcz, PL


My work on TV Productions

12 Minutes LIVE (OKTO)

Live Mixing of Bands

Dacid Go8lin

Schmieds Puls

Hearts Hearts

Bitten By

Just Friends and Lovers​


Audiobook and Radio Play

My work on spoken word content

Random Dudette

(2015) Radioplay „Random Dudette“ Episode 1
Mixing, Recording, Sounddesign, Soundediting

Awardee at  ‘Ö1 Track 5’ Kurzhörspielwettbewerb’

(2016) Radioplay „Random Dudette“ Episode 2
Mixing, Recording, Sounddesign, Soundediting

Invitations/ Nominee for ‘Berliner Hörspieltage’


My music and work with other musicians & artists

Vienna Design Week

(2020) Music and sounds for the Virtual Festival Headquarters and a Virtual Room

of the Vienna Design Week 2020

Collaboration with Wilhelm Scherübl Jr.

Two Molecules in Love

(2020) Collaboration with Wilhelm Scherübl Jr. on a 360 video project

presented at the collective exhibition “Energy” by Supercorp.

Personal music project exploring the possibilities of (self) generative  electronic music

———Thoughts on Synthesizers——–

Ideas and demos made with and on synthesizers

for more songs click here



Alexei Korolyov & The Single Pieces

Part of Band/Project

(2021) „The Door Is Open“ Song by Alexei Korolyov & The Single Pieces 

Bass, Mixing, Mastering for Web,


Love Above Storms

(2015) „Love above storms“ Album by Shivers & Shakes
Recording, Mixing, Production


I can provide the following services:

Audio Mixing

Audio Recording

Sound Design

Music Composition

Audio Content Creation

and much more!

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I typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.